Living Beautifully: Do You Sing?


MANY OF US may remember the little tune the seven dwarfs whistled in the old Disney movie, Snow White. It seems even these short fellows recognized that their musical whistling helped make the work feel lighter and easier to bear.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a work situation or project where the song in our heart has died or has been replaced by a weary sighing or, even worse, a growl-y grumbling. We don't feel like whistling or singing anymore.

Maybe that's the time when we need to stop and think about what we do every day; maybe we need to re-consider the current path we're traveling on.

Lady Bird Johnson once gave the sage advice that we should work on projects that make our hearts sing.

Ever since I read those words, I tried to let them shape my decisions. I do not believe that life is meant to be a drudgery. I believe that life is meant to be lived beautifully. Oh sure, we go through hard experiences, but we don't stay there.

The projects we sign up for -- voluntarily or as a career -- should not dampen our spirits, but rather they should provide a venue for contentment, abiding joy, and a sense of bubbling adventure. They should energize and fuel us, not drizzle on us till there's only a damp smoldering pile where passion once burned bright.

A few years ago, my song almost died, because I was afraid to move out from a workplace that no longer gave me joy and fulfillment. Life no longer felt beautiful.

To me, a clear signpost of whether or not a person is still doing what she should be doing, is whether the song is still in her heart, whether life still seems beautiful and sweet.

If there's no song your heart, maybe it's time to re-think what will make life beautiful again for you.  I'm happy to report the nightingale sings again for me.

Now I ask you, do you sing?


Sandy's Notes said...

Yes, I do sing. But this singing took a while for me too, like you. I keep thinking I'm in transition, but in reality I love being outside again, I love feeling the fresh air on my face, even if it is really cold.

Until this song is over I'll keep singing it's toon and loving what I'm doing even if no one understands how it can possibly make me happy.

Great post!

Brenda Leyland said...

Sandy, how lovely to hear from you! And I am glad to hear there's a song for you in spite of any- and every- thing!