Lead By Example: You Are The Gift

AS MUCH AS I LOVE to give and receive presents, I've learned that the most precious gifts usually don't arrive packaged in tissue and ribbons.

It may be the encouraging word during down times, the loyalty of a friend who stays near through thick and thin, the kindness of a total stranger who notices you struggling to get a door open. Or, it may be the wonderful new idea someone shared that now inspires me to move forward. Often, it's these kinds of 'gifts' that linger in our memories longer than many store-bought ones.

Mary Kay Ash once said, "We are the recipients of countless gifts from friends of the past. We remember these friends with gratitude and try to pass on to others something of what we have received."

Try to pass on to others.....  Yes, I desire to create an outlet for the inspiration to flow to others.  I wish to allow my knowledge and ideas to flow freely and gracefully from my life, so they can also refresh and nourish yours too.

What great tip helped make your home more peaceful or organized? What inspired idea is making your business work better? What truth has come alive for you and has positively changed how you perceive yourself?  Know any great websites or blogs that you love?

Look for creative ways to pass along the awesome gifts you've received. People will be drawn to your generous living... and will want to follow your example.

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