Living Beautifully: The Grace of Compliment

I WILL NEVER FORGET the time during my early 20's, when I became acquainted with a woman who would often greet me with the salutation, "Hello Beauteous One!" At first I thought she just picked that phrase out of the wind as a cute way to say hi, yet every time we'd meet, she would address me the same way. It was always done with such grace and sincerity that I began to look forward to bumping into her, so I could hear her say those words again.  And she would!

I've sometimes wondered if she recognized that I needed such a message at that time in my life. As I was growing up, in my heart of hearts, I never felt beautiful. But, as this woman kept 'watering' my heart, reinforcing this positive message time after time, I began to blossom under those affirming words.

There is something deep within the feminine heart of each woman that needs to know she's lovely in someone's eyes. Could it be that's why we can obsess about how we look... we want to know, Am I beautiful?
Not that long ago, when I asked my husband of some years something about being beautiful. He has always affirmed since we first met that in his eyes, I am beautiful, with or without my makeup on.

But this particular day, I deliberately made a choice to believe him. The amazing thing was that my heart settled into that knowledge and I haven't obsessed about how I look since. Now that doesn't mean I dress like a slob, I don't, but if the hair-do isn't perfect, or the nose is red from a cold windy day, I rest in the knowledge that his eyes still behold me beautifully.

It's made my life more beautiful. I hope you find that to be true for yourself as well!

Grace Note
For the rest of the week, why not look for ways you can lavishly hand out compliments to the women around you... compliments that you mean, of course....and then remember to deliberately believe any you receive from others.

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Angie said...

What a GREAT thought and idea! Yes~we should lift one another up with kind words and deeds :)

This was a true bright spot for me this morning!

Brenda Leyland said...

Angie, It's lovely to hear from you. And thank you for your positive input. Joy to you!

Sandy's Notes said...

Brenda, first thank you for stopping by to see me, and leaving me a comment! Second, this post is so beautiful. You have hit the nail on the head, we do want to feel special in some way, I believe you used the word captivating. Even if it's only to one person, to feel we make a difference in someone's life is so important.