Lead By Example: Don't Play Small

 WHAT IF Mary Kay Ash had sat down at her kitchen table all those years ago and dreamed about her new company and then decided she was just too small and too insignificant to accomplish anything that big with her life? What if she had decided she could not – or should not – follow this dream? Where would many women be today?

South African leader Nelson Mandela once said something I believe Mary Kay would applaud: “Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?”

I ask myself that question and I ask it of you. Who are we not to be great? Our playing small does not serve our world. To feel unworthy and insignificant throws our gifts into the wind (into the face of God, if you believe He’s there). Our world will stay in a mess if we each continue to believe that our contributions are hardly worth it.

Mary Kay Ash paved the way for women all over the world to make a difference. We’re not starting from scratch. I believe she would want us to stand on her shoulders and use her successes – not as our ceiling – but as the floor of where we can start. Don’t think dozens, think hundreds. Don’t think hundreds, think thousands. Don’t think 10’s of thousands, think millions. Not for your benefit only, but for the enrichment of many, many others!

Where would many women be today if Mary Kay had not believed that her dream was worthwhile? Like her, we need to first believe that our playing small does not serve our world.

Will you risk opening your imagination to greater things for your own life? Whether it's with Mary Kay or some other venture, start where you are, but don’t stay there. Then encourage others to also step out into their destiny too.

It's a great way to lead by example.

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