Lead By Example: Are You Present?


We all know women are queens at multitasking, and it's a good skill to have.  But the downside is that we tend to transfer this incredible ability into our relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, and customers.

Have you ever chatted with someone or you've been in the middle of sharing a gut-wrenching experience, only to realize your listener has zoned out on you? Somehow you pick up the vibes that her mind was elsewhere? And, though she was present in body, her thoughts were not.

It's easy to zone out on people, especially when we're on the phone and we're engaged in numerous other activities at the same time. Has it ever happened to you -- while you're trying to deal with today's mail, scan a recipe for tonight's supper, feed the cat, you are also catching up with someone on the phone -- only to suddenly realize you have lost track of the conversation?

Somewhere along the line, your mind wondered and you think you've missed something important in the conversation. It's a little difficult to respond with heart-felt enthusiasm or empathy when you're not really sure what just happened. So now, do you fake it? Pretend you've been listening intently all along? That's not my idea of living the golden rule.

So, how to deal with this? I believe it's learning to develop the heart skill of 'being present' to whoever I am with at any given moment. I must admit I haven't totally developed the art.

But is my desire to leave a fragrance of beauty by being present to the person I'm engaged in a conversation with. I want to listen not with half an ear, but with my entire being, to listen with my heart, not just my properly-smiling face. To be present to you and not focused on who I will be meeting in 15 minutes.
A friend once said, "When we don't give full regard to the moment, it's cheating the hearts of two people."

Being present.... it's the best gift... a golden way to lead by example.

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