Living Beautifully: Are You A Ten?

THE CONFIDENT WOMAN: Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear
by Joyce Meyer, (c) FaithWords, 2006

DO YOU BELIEVE you could be a 10 at something?

Joyce Meyer, in her New York Times bestseller, The Confident Woman, declares that, on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the best), it is actually possible for every single woman to be a 10 at something in her life.

Meyer also cautions us that in order to step out into this wonderful plan for our lives, we first need to stop focusing on our shortcomings and weak spots. Instead, we need to learn to identify our strengths and begin focusing our attention on developing and using them.

That's when we begin to develop the confidence to step out into that wonderful plan for our lives. When we start to see what we can do, and quite well too, that's when we'll begin to believe "Yes, I can!"

To whet your appetite for more, I have selected three excerpts from the first chapter. I hope they not only increase your desire to read Meyer's book, but give you a sense and wonder of the possibilities for your own life.

I want them to provide a springboard of inspiration so that you will go and do something quite wonderful this week!

Excerpt #1. "What is confidence? I believe confidence is all about being positive concerning what you do--and not worrying over what you can't do. A confident woman is open to learning, because she knows that her confidence allows her to walk through life's doorways eager to discover what waits on the other side..."

Excerpt #2. Confident people do not concentrate on their weakness; they develop and maximize their strengths.

Excerpt. #3. "The world is not hungry for mediocrity. We really don't need a bunch of 4s and 5s running around, doing an average job in life. This world needs 10s. I believe every one can be a 10 at something, but our problem is that we often work so hard on trying to overcome our weaknesses that we never develop our strengths."

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