Biz Builders: What's Next?

Have you ever found yourself with the hopeful, almost restless feeling that the perfect answer to whatever you are seeking will be found in the next motivational book you read, the next conference you attend, or the next website you visit?

You keep hunting and striving, hoping that this is the book that's going to help you succeed. This is the speaker that's got the answer you need. This is the seminar that will unfold the mystery and hand you the key.

I used to feel something niggling at the back of my mind, almost unconsciously, that I might miss the key I'd need to complete the next step in my journey.

Until I finally realized that so often the very idea I needed, the person who had the key to my dilemma, the author exploring the same thoughts I was thinking, the website with the right information, all seemed to present themselves exactly when I needed them.

I also realized that, as great and necessary as it is to keep learning and exploring, sometimes when we're so focused on what we're going to get next, we risk missing the gifts we already have right here in the present.

I started to feel more relaxed as I came to understand that it's not always about getting the next new idea, it's about doing something with what I've already got.

Why not listen to the CD's you bought from the last conference. Or read the books already on your shelf. Flip through your files for lost or forgotten ideas, find that perfect idea you once scribbled so enthusiastically in the margin of your diary. Why not use it today!

The key to the next step in your professional or personal life may be closer than you think!

Perfectly Pink!
Brenda Leyland, 2009

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