Lead By Example: Aspire to Inspire

ONE CHARACTERISTIC OF A GREAT LEADER is the ability to inspire others. So, how can we inspire other women to dream their dreams and come aboard?

1. Think about one person who inspires you. Ask yourself, when I'm around this individual, what is it about her that inspires me to get excited and motivated? Her example will give you your own clues of what makes an inspirational leader.

2. What excites you? That's what you share with others, get then excited too. If you aren't passionate about something, you won't get anyone else excited either.

3. Be on the lookout for women who identify with what you are excited about. When you share your I-stories, do you see the light coming on in her eyes? Do you see her relating to you? If her eyes glaze over with indifference or boredom, then you haven't found the right one to recruit yet (which is no one's fault, just keep looking).

4. Present the opportunity, but then let her have the space and freedom to find out if that's what she really wants. If you try to persuade before she truly believes this is a good thing for her, you may end up dragging or carrying her along. If her heart's not in it, it only drags you both down in the end.

An inspirational leader often helps me see what may already be in my heart, but is still lying dormant, because sometimes she can see what I can't see as clearly. She helps me to look at new possibilities and her enthusiasm gives me the courage to even allow myself to think past my comfort zone.

Then, when I'm ready to say yes, an inspiring leader is one who excitedly and eagerly shows me how I, too, can aspire to heights I've never been before.

That's the kind of inspiring example I'd like to be. You too?

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