Biz Builders...Flexible is not instead of

IN MARY KAY, we talk about the awesome privilege we have to be flexible in our business. Not only do we have the flexibility of choosing schedules and hours, but we can decide how far we want to go up the career path, which of course depends on how much or how little we choose to invest in time, energy, and product.

But something NSD Pamela Shaw once wrote, “(To be) flexible does not mean INSTEAD OF. It means you choose the time. But you MUST choose the time AND do the work! Otherwise, you define flexible and procrastination as the same. Or flexible and denial the same!

She goes on to say that we all want the rewards, but fewer are willing to take the responsibility. Many want the friendships and the support, but few give the positive energy to attract it. Everyone wants success, but how many are willing to take the direction and guidance to receive it?

So the trick to flexibility is to remember that, yes, you can decide the schedule you want, the career level you are willing to achieve, and how much time you want to invest each week, but then you must also commit to this 'flexible' lifestyle and do the work if you want to move ahead and make this business work for you.

Perfectly Pink!
2009 Brenda Leyland

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My Life is Pink said...

Brenda, I bet you are great at your job. You have such a good attitude!