Lead By Example: Are You Consistent?

IT'S NOT SO much the words we speak when we're at a meeting or talking to our director and sister consultants that change things. It's the words we speak the rest of the time that will make the difference for us.

We can all easily say the 'right' things occasionally, when we're in the right mood, or when someone else can hear us, but it's important that we're saying them ALL the time, even when we're not excited, and when all is not well.
Why? Because there is someone paying attention to what you are saying. And, that someone is you!

We can easily say we're going to be a successful millionaire unit a few times. We can jump up and down and Rah! Rah! with the rest of the group, but we need to speak (and believe) the same message when the lights are turned off and everyone else has gone home.

To do something consistently means to do it time after time, time after time, time after time. Pay attention to what you're saying when the 'right' people aren't around to hear you. Determine to speak only what will encourage you to keep believing your goal is possible. If faith (or belief) comes by hearing ... what are you hearing when you open your mouth?

Consistently speak what you desire, for as author and speaker Gloria Copeland says, "in consistency lies the power".


Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, I must confess that I rarely read a long post such as this one. I started to read and I got so involved and loved the post so much that not only I read it once I went back and read some parts again and again. Thank you so much for an excellent post.

♥ Hugs ♥

Brenda Leyland said...

Well Duchess, you made my day! That you would take the time to read it not only once and some parts more than once! Thank you!!!