Biz Builders...Yes You Can!

SOMETIMES IT'S JUST one small step that a person takes in a new direction that leads to a happier life. Most often this begins in the way we think about things.

Did you ever stop to think that taking just one tiny apostrophe and a single letter of the alphabet from the word CAN’T suddenly changes everything?

Right there in front of you, you’ve got a word that says you CAN!

Do you think thoughts that lift you up (where you think you can) or pull you down (where you lament that you can't)?

There's a quote by John C. Maxwell  I often look at pinned to my little bulletin board:

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily."

What if this is the key that makes your desires and wishes more within reach?  Would you be willing to take a tiny step towards it?

Yes, you can!

Now go live successfully!


Duchess of Tea said...

Brenda darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings. I aslo would like to thank you my luv for the kind comment and the link you sent me. I read the post and agree with you 100%. I like it...blogging without obligation. Thank you it is a heavy burden that has been lifted. I very much appreciate your kindness, you are a good friend....a treasure.

Love & Hugs

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Brenda,

These are all so good! I was just thinking myself of how we must act immediately if we want to change things. And thank you for the reminder to clear out the papers; we've been getting quite buried lately!

I'll have to get on it immediately!