Living Beautifully: Are You Craving Colour?

DO YOU EVER get so busy or you've worked so hard on something that you've grown weary in body and soul? Or maybe the weather has been rainy or snowy for weeks, and the world just doesn't seem as bright and beautiful at the moment? In fact it begins to look a little gray around the edges?

Well, that's how I must have felt one morning a few years ago when I made a visit to my blogging friend Katherine's blog at Sew Me Something Good. I felt as if I'd been dropped into a large paint tray or a new box of crayons. My soul must have been craving colour! I felt like a sponge soaking it all up.

If you've noticed your world looking a little gray, here are 13 ideas that might help you add a new splash of colour and zest to your life:

1. Visit Katherine's blog.

2. Visit a quilting/fabric store in person.

3. Buy a big new box of crayons (the biggest box you can find) and a colouring book or blank art book. Now spend some time playing with all the wonderful shades and hues.

4. Go to the nearest scrapbooking, stationery or paint store and let your eyes rove over the displays of paper and colour samples.

5. Add more colour to your home. If you've got beige walls, buy some new cushions in some stunning new colour.

6. Alexandra Stoddard puts brightly coloured pencils in a holder and sets them on her desk.

7. Fill a jar with jellybeans or jube-jubes. A friend once gave me a jar full of jube-jubes -- they looked like bright jewels on my desk.

8. Buy a new scarf for your fall jacket. If you are normally conservative in your choices, be bold and outrageous -- choose a colour you wouldn't normally pick.

9. If you've still got fall colours in your neighbourhood, go for a walk in it. Bring autumn branches and berries into your house and set them in a large vase.

10. Visit an art gallery. Or visit your child's school -- their walls are often displayed with vibrant and joyful art.

11. Buy a magazine with lots of great photos, e.g. art, photography, quilting, scrapbooking, sewing.

12. Buy a handful of blossoms from the florist shop.

13. Enjoy checking out the new season's line of lipsticks.


Now go live your life more beautifully...

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Christine said...

I like #7, the jellybean jar idea.
That would really brighten up my day. Jellybeans take me way back to childhood and all the fun I had.

I also like #8 &#9!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

I likie all your ideas Brenda!! But especially visiting a fabric store!!! Think I'll go tomorrow :-)

Linda said...

Hi Brenda,

What beautiful ideas to nourish the soul. I took my 83-year old mom who lives in a seniors' home out today for a country drive just so she could see all the glorious fall shades. I filled her room with pumpkins and seasonal flowers and foliage, too! It was a great afternoon and it perked up both our spirits...

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

jellybeans would do it for me. All colourful ideas brenda. XO

Stella said...

Jelly beans always work as they disapper. I have to stay out of fabric stores because they are way too tempting.

annie said...

I do love color...although I stick to neutrals, but whenever i see bright beautiful colors in a room...i think I need to add some color...maybe I'll start with a new lipstick!

Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing..happy holidays...

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of Crayola Crayons!
They say colouring is very therepeutic!

Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina