Living Beautifully: Do It With Joy!

"Do it with joy."

It was the phrase I heard in the stillness one early morning
as I got myself ready for the day.

Do it with joy?

Whether it's a perfectly ordinary day
or a day that's up-side-down?
Whether it's a day filled with bad news
or the need to make a hard decision?

Whether it's facing the same old, same old?
The dentist's chair?
A new situation that makes me feel so, so uncomfortable?

Yes! Yes!

For, as I have been discovering...

Making the choice to go about our days in the spirit of joy will shift things
in our hearts which somehow shifts the atmosphere around us!

When I choose joy over anxiety,
joy over feeling despondent,
joy when I'd rather disappear and not face the situation,
joy even when I'm tired and w-e-a-r-y of heart
...whenever Joy arrives she brings her strong companion, Strength.
 And with that strength comes a growing confidence that
I can pull my shoulders back and face whatever 'it' is
because this affliction - thankfully - too shall pass.

So today, I invite you to join me, and in whatever you must do,
choose to do it with joy....

And, I'd love to hear how that works for you!

Photo source:  The Graphics Fairy


Anonymous said...

Hi,Brenda,i like this word:"Do It With Joy" very,and I liked your blog, is simply wonderful.
I will accompany more times.
Hugs from Jeff Abercrombie.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Thanks so much for leaving your footprint in my comment box.