Living Beautifully: You're The Queen

YEARS AGO I had an opportunity to hear Miss America 1980 Cheryl Prewitt-Salem speak at a women's conference.  She was an inspiring speaker and I'll never forget the one thought she shared on being we as women have the ability to choose to be happy... any time, any place, any situation.

As a young woman, I was surprised to learn that the choice for being happy was always within my reach. I guess I'd assumed up until that point, when the grumpies made their appearance, I just had to live with it (as did everyone else around me) until the mood passed, and happy came back.

It was such a startling idea for me.  You mean I didn't have to let the bad mood run its course, that I had the ability to choose?  Every. Single.Time?  Even on those PMS days?

Yes, yes... when I took hold of that idea, I found it to be true. And it changed my life!

I learned that we do not have to pick the ball even if it's been thrown into our court.  I don't know if Queens hold out scepters to their subjects, but if they do, as the Queen of my world, I do not have to 'hold court' with grumpy bad moods.

I get to choose who lives in my sphere.  I get to choose whether my mood rules me... or... I rule it!

Most times it's such a split second choice -- between going ahead and 'letting it all out' -- or being more graceful and deciding to be happy even if I'm not 'in the mood'.  

Let's be honest here.... some days it is not easy.  At all.  Sometimes I don't choose happy in that first moment, but, what I have found is that the decision I made that day long ago has governed most of my days ever since.  (I think that's a good batting average.)

Being in charge... being able to choose to be happy, no matter what, literally changed my life. for. the.better...the.more beautiful!

It can do the same for you!

Be the Queen..... choose to be happy.... live beautifully!


"Most folks are about as happy
as they make up their minds to be."
~ Abraham Lincoln


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Christine said...

I want to be Queen and not just for a day.

Good reminder and I hope young women will read this and realize what you have posted, is true.

Linda said...

What a brilliant and truly beautiful blog you have created, Brenda! It is a resource that is feminine, gutsy, intelligent, inspiring, calming, rejuvenating, nurturing and kind at the same time... all rolled up in my favourite colour on the planet - PINK - which, in my book, makes it lovely to look at, too!

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Marco 1 Shirohige said...

posts is beautiful, really like your motive, every human being has the right to be happy, regardless of our situation, life is indeed precious, be happy friend, be like a queen

I also tried to write on a blog, how to live is a beautiful and healthy

Nancy said...

Great thoughts to ponder. I remember Cheryl Prewitt when she was Miss America. I always liked her. It was wonderful that you got to hear her speak and remember something that changed your life. How many of us can say that after hearing a speaker? So glad the blessings stayed with you.