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On Practicing HALT...
H.A.L.T. = To stop whatever you are doing when you find yourself too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired.

We are wired to need food, companionship and rest. We have the emotion of anger; it signals that we sense something is out of order, something is not right, and it needs to be resolved.
When we find ourselves in this place, we become vulnerable and we are prone to make choices that are not good for us.
It's not shameful to admit we have these needs: we need to feed our bodies when we're hungry; we need to deal with unresolved anger or resentment; we need to connect with others. And we need our sleep and restorative rest times.

As Julia Cameron puts it, "Life becomes a lot less miserable the instant we start practicing HALT.  When we treat ourselves like precious objects, we begin to grow strong. As we grow strong, our weakness for (overdoing) diminishes." (from The Writing Diet)


On Using Your Resources...
You do realize that you don't really need to buy yet another book, sign up for another online webinar, get that new CD, or attend another conference to find the 'perfect' key to finally be successful in your business or personal life.

Chances are you already have the right idea.... somewhere..... in that pile of books, CD's and conference or webinar notes.

The trouble is we often think because we've read the material, nodded in agreement with it, that somehow it's going to magically translate into getting results. (Anyone nodding her head?)

So my tip this week: GATHER YOUR EXISTING collection of how-to books, CD's, conference notes, e-books and other information materials.

Now, as Jenny Flintoft, once suggested:  "Highlight, scribble, stick notes on things which you can action immediately. Then go action them. Don't buy any more products until you do."


On Organizing Your Office...

CLEAR EVERYTHING from the top of your desk. Yes, everything -- all the knickknacks, photos, pencils, paper, piles of clutter. Put them in a box. Now polish your desk surface. And when you go to put your things back, consider if these items add to your workspace or detract.

Clutter attracts clutter.... physically and mentally. Take away those things that clutter up your space and you'll probably feel a lightness... whew... that feels better!

Then go enjoy this feeling and use it to motivate you to work on something you need to get accomplished today!


On Getting Down The Ideas When They Come...

Have you ever come home from an inspiring meeting or conference with your head swirling with wonderful new ideas, only to misplace, forget, or lose them?

I learned a great organizing tip from well known organization expert, Marva Ruot. She recommends categorizing the information when the the ideas come, not later, and she suggests using the back page of your notebook in which to capture these great ideas.

So, when you get an 'oh, I love that idea' moment, flip to the back of your notebook and jot it down. Then, quickly categorize it. Ask yourself what this idea is for -- is it a booking idea? A customer service tip? Is it about money management, team building, or product knowledge? Is it about image and etiquette or inspiration?

The next time you need a new idea, you'll know exactly where to look! How easy is that?

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