Biz Builders...Keep To The Schedule

HAVE YOU EVER FELT, even though you’re busy all day with your business, sometimes you can’t seem to get anything done? Does it feel like you’re off track and you can’t get back on?

Perhaps what your business needs is some structure – just like a train timetable. Trains get to where they’re going because they run on a track, and because there’s a set schedule. You know when the train will leave, which direction it will head, and when it will arrive. Once the schedule is made, the train just has to stay on track, and it will reach its destination, and on time!

How do you plan your weekly ‘train’ schedule for your business? First, you decide what you need to accomplish (that’s your destination). For example, you need to book classes, order inventory, do paperwork, deliveries, attend the unit meeting, meet with your director, make phone calls and be part of the conference call, as well as make time to read or listen to motivational material.

Once you decide the destination, you set up your schedule – when will you actually work on each activity? What day? What time? For how long? Trains would run amok if they didn’t follow a set timetable of the days and times they come and go. No one would ever know when to book a ticket.

We probably all enjoy spontaneity, but when it comes to running our business, it is much better to keep to a schedule if we want to stay on track. Our minds tend to work best when there’s an order to things and when we know what comes next.

Mary Kay Ash once said, Plan your work and then work your plan. Are you ready to climb aboard?

Now go live successfully...

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Paul Morales said...

Awesome Post, I'm working on planning my own projects myself. Keep up the good work!