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EVERY WOMAN WANTS to look and feel beautiful, so it’s important to recognize that, as a ‘consultant of beauty’, you are the key to helping your customer look her best.

If a customer asks you how she can create a certain look that magazines are raving about this spring, are you savvy enough to know how to creat the look she's seen elsewhere using the Mary Kay products?
Perhaps you don’t feel confident in answering that question yet. That’s okay, we all have to learn. But here are a few ideas on how you can become savvier at your craft:

1. Stay on top of the current trends in the glamour and skin care industry overall, not just Mary Kay. When someone says she saw something from another advertising campaign, you’ll be able to confidently say, Oh, I know what you mean, and I know exactly how you can achieve the result with these MK products.

2. Pay close attention to the tips and ideas presented in The Look and Applause magazines. They provide great information on Mary Kay’s current looks.

3. Learn which Mary Kay products will create the look and result your customer is asking about.

4. Remember what fun it was to play beauty parlour with your mom’s lipsticks and powders when you were a young girl? So, play with your products. Find out what they can do.

5. Make use of the Virtual Makeover online ( Why not upload photos of yourself, your mom, sisters, girlfriends and ‘play’ with their looks. When you meet women with similar skin tones or facial shapes, you’ll have an idea where to begin.

6. Study the application tips from makeup artists such as Robert Jones. He has a website and some great how-to books. (

Today’s discerning woman is looking for a consultant who knows what she is talking about, who can guide her to the right product, as well as help her create the look she desires.
Why not work on your skills this month and give yourself the edge!

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(c) Brenda Leyland, 2009

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Christine said...

Your words of wisdom were created for your business consultants but anyone can learn from YOU!